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standard scoring:
2+ players

1st ring = 1 pt

2nd ring = 2 pt

3rd ring = 3 pt

4th ring = 4 pt

Bullseye = 5 pt

Clutch (blue circle) = 10 pt


2+ players

  • Each thrower has to hit all numbers on the board 3 times, marking ("/" the 1st time "X" the 2nd, "O" the 3rd) each time a number is hit on the scoreboard

  • Once a thrower has hit a number 3 times, it is "closed". The player who closed it can now score points (of the respective number) each time they hit that ring.

  • Once all throwers close out a number, that number is “dead” and no one can score points on that ring for the remainder of the game.

  • The first player to close all of their rings and have the highest score wins.


2 teams of 1-2 people

  • Cancellation scoring is used for this one -  just like a game of cornhole

  • Both teams throw two axes per round

  • The team with the higher score subtracts the difference of their points and the opposing team's points. That is their score for the round and the other team gets 0 points.

  • The team with the higher score goes first in the next round

  • First team to 21 points wins

  • If you go over 21 points, your score goes back to 15


2 teams of 1-2 people

  • Each player from both teams throws one axe

  • The team with the lowest cumulative score gains a letter (T-H-R-O-W)

  • The first team to THROW loses

  • Ties are broken by 1 additional throw per team


around the world:
2+ players

  • To win, a thrower must hit the target in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 4, B, 4, 3, 2, 1, C

  • Each player throws until they miss their next target ring

  • Once a ring is missed, the next player takes their turn

  • Throwers continue their next turn from the ring they left off on in their previous turn

  • You cannot skip a ring and go back to it later in the game

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